Via Balilla 4 is a structure dedicated to student housing in the heart of Milan, a stone's throw from the main universities.

It’s made up of two buildings with eleven apartments each, divided between males and females, the structure has a courtyard for the exclusive use of its guests.

Via Balilla 4 has been recently renovated and is furnished and equipped in every room of the house. We offer different types of apartments, different in size and number of rooms inside, and single and double rooms, which vary according to the square footage and the services connected to it - such as a balcony or an en-suite bathroom. In each apartment, designed to accommodate from 3 to 6 people, there will be a kitchen and two bathrooms for the exclusive use of the residents of the apartment.

Single rooms starting from € 500/month

The single rooms are located in both buildings of Via Balilla 4 and are all fully equipped.

There are different types of single rooms, which are characterized by the size and optional, such as balcony, terrace or private bathroom.

For those who need more space, there is the possibility of choosing a double room for single use, in both buildings.


single rooms


double rooms for single use

Double rooms starting from € 390/month

Double rooms are the ideal solution for those with a smaller budget and a great desire to find new friends.

In both buildings, the one on the courtyard side and the other on the street side, there are different types of double rooms, characterized by the presence of walk-in closets, private bathrooms, balconies or terraces.


Double rooms